Specialists in the technical organisation of social, cultural and entertainment events

Tècnics Serveis Audiovisuals has over 25 years of experience in planning and creating projects in the field of audiovisual communication.
We assist and guide our clients throughout the entire organisation process to achieve desired results. Our clients are continuously backed by a team of professionals who are experts in various areas of audiovisual production and event organisation.
We have our own infrastructure which allows us to quickly respond to our clients’ needs.
We offer the following services: equipment rentals, assembly, transport, sale, complete installation, 24h technical service, consulting and engineering.
We offer our clients expert technical service that is quick and efficient.
Our personal and professional experience, along with our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs, allows us to offer a comprehensive interpretative and visual communication service with the best technical resources suited for each project.
We are backed by a long list of clients who have put their trust in our company to achieve the best results. Thanks to them, we improve and surpass ourselves day after day.

“Our services cover a wide range of specialties”


“How many times have you been to an event where the sound was off and bothersome? We take care of all the details, so this doesn’t happen”

Various sound systems:
Sound systems for conventions, congresses, trade shows, concerts, theatres; simultaneous translation systems; microphone systems for large events; architectural acoustics; acoustic conditioning; design of work spaces; etc.

VIDEO & IMAGE: Pro AV and Digital Signage

“It is essential to reproduce logos, texts and videos with the right quality and in the right size”

Various video systems:
Projections, mapping for advertising or decoration, large screens, LEDs, plasmas, video conferences, remote presence, creation of corporate or online videos, multicam live productions, recordings in different formats, 3D, streaming, dynamic advertising and digital signage, among others.


“Decorative or architectural lighting, lighting for TV, Theatre, Shows, Commercial or retail spaces”

Various systems and lighting effects tailored to the environment:
systems for industrial or architectonic spaces or theatres; systems for TV, film; decorative or mood setting systems; systems for events or trade show stands; etc.We use both conventional and LED technology to offer low consumption or incandescent lighting. We rent power generators, electric infrastructure and other accessories for events and catering kitchens.


Particular Projects

We have all the skills needed to take on complete projects and create integral audiovisual installations of varying complexity and price ranges. We take an idea and work out the technicalities to turn it into a reality.


“We do the maintenance, repair and updating of audiovisual systems”


“We create, design, manufacture and assemble commercial stands”

We create, design, manufacture and assemble commercial stands for trade shows by applying our know-how in structural installations, lighting, signage, decoration, tents, stages, platforms, inflatable advertising characters, various accessories and adornments.
We actively participate in projects in collaboration with advertising agents and decorators by applying our experience in film and TV to obtain the best results according to the requirements of each project.

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