We are happy to assist our clients to ensure they have a worry-free experience

We offer technical consulting for the organisation of all kinds of events.
We work closely with our clients and advise them on how to best optimise available resources.
We offer you a team of technical professionals who will ensure everything runs smoothly.
All our image, light and sound systems use latest generation technology and are in perfect consitions.
We pay attention to detail. As such, we stand out for our neat and discreet installations.

“We are happy to assist our clients to ensure they have a worry-free experience”.


“Product presentations, congresses, conventions, trade shows, video streaming and video conferences”

Today more than ever, the “BRAND” is a symbol of quality and reliability.
We consider excellence to be fundamental in public presentations. Being able to show images in the right quality setting, with an optimal composition of space and digital use of graphic design, greatly contributes to maintaining a good public image, showcasing the quality of products and improving their projection.
For international events, translation and interpretation systems are a must. The equipment we use is specially designed for these purposes.


“We like to make your event unforgettable”

We like playing with light and sound to create moods and entertainment for your ‘unforgettable’ moments.
We decorate spaces with light, transform them with video and embellish them with music.
Our deejaying equipment, always personalised to the newlyweds’ tastes, can top off your special day.
We offer a wide variety of music groups and orchestras to meet the requirements of any event.


“The privacy of our clients takes priority”


“Because these tend to be mass events in very large spaces, we need to guarantee safety and quality service”

These tend to be mass events in very large spaces.
That is why safety is a priority. These events require a sound system that meets a certain level of service standards such as complete coverage, the right acoustic pressure, intelligibility and safety for the audience. We have proven experience thanks to the countless outdoor events we have successfully organised.
We have various sound distribution and intercom systems between spaces to provide long range microphone services and maintain coverage during any type of event. We can install lighting in specific areas, podiums, signage, photocall set ups, LED screens, surveillance and vision cameras for the audience, etc.


“Ower the course of our work, we have had the oportunity to collaborate with various companies that are 100% reliable, and it is this reliability that ensures the success of your event organisation”

We have furniture, tables, chairs, seats, armchairs, carpet, rugs, tableware, stages, platforms, dance floors, light towers and 100% soundproof power generators, etc.


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